About our Waste Management Company in CT

John’s Refuse & Recycling is a family owned and operated Connecticut waste management company specializing in commercial, industrial, and residential refuse and recycling. John’s Refuse & Recycling was founded in 1963 by John Bozzuto Sr. and his wife Maureen. Their sons Andrew, Steven, Dennis and John are proud to carry on a long tradition of family and business pride. Whether you need a container for a major construction job or an open-top roll-off delivered to your driveway, we are dedicated to helping you get the job done.

We’re proud to be a leading provider of 12-40 cu. yard open-top roll-offs and 1 to 10 cu. yard refuse containers to some of the finest businesses and construction companies in the Connecticut area. We offer 100 cu. yard walking floor trailers for larger demolition jobs. Whether you’re on a job site, managing a commercial business, cleaning out your basement or demolishing a multi story building, we understand the importance of prompt, efficient handling of waste materials, recyclables and debris. Our mission is to ensure that you have the proper refuse handling equipment available when you need it.

Along with Johns Refuse, the Bozzuto brothers own and operate a composting business called Global Environmental Services.

Global was established in 2008 with a passion and vision of turning our waste into reusable products. Through Johns Refuse we have found that more than 80% of our waste is truly recoverable and recyclable, with 40% of that being compostable. We believe all waste is just a mixed collection of potentially new materials that hasn’t yet been recovered.

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