Automated Single-Stream Recycling in North Branford

In January 2012, North Branford will be delivering Two 95 gallon totes to each resident.  One tote will be for refuse and the other tote will be for single stream recycling.  The weekly collection schedule will remain on the same current schedule.  If you have any questions on the new single stream recycling program you may contact us by visiting our contact page.

Please review the list below to view examples of what recyclable materials you can place in your recycling toter.  Remember that many more items are now recyclable such as plastic  1-7 (listed below) and all clean paper products. 

General Guidelines for Single-Stream Recycling:

  • All recyclable materials should be mixed loose in the blue recycling cart, no sorting or separation of recycled materials is necessary
  • Absolutely NO PLASTIC BAGS
  • Absolutely NO TRASH
  • Cardboard and Paperboard should be flattened to conserve space inside the recycling cart
  • Food and Beverage containers should be rinsed clean, a thorough washing is NOT required
  • Keep the Blue Recycling Cart lid closed to keep the recyclable materials dry
  • Shredded paper should be secured in a brown paper grocery bag

North Branford collects the following recyclable materials in the Blue Single-Stream Recycling Bin:

blueprints Aluminum Foil file folders newspaper
paper egg cartons white pastel cartons paperback books
mail paperboard boxes phonebooks bottles
jugs jars glass bottles cans
tubs metal lids Aerosol Can